Entry #1

Ehhh... Hi?

2008-10-08 11:08:56 by jakdacrowe

Find me. Not contact me.
Unfortunately I don't do flash. Only see flash. xDDD
I might do flash one day... If I can get used to it. lol

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2009-02-01 00:06:44

where did you get the picture?

jakdacrowe responds:

I made it myself. Had to save it at a ridiculously low quality. @_@


2009-02-01 16:37:40

hey you a furry yay ^^ so am i oh and is it ok if i re color ur av pic thanks

jakdacrowe responds:

I don't approve on recolors. :x


2009-03-01 03:57:52

Do you have a gallery on DA?

jakdacrowe responds:

It's linked on this News post. o_o


2009-04-02 03:05:28

will if you ever do flash i would love to voice for ya ^w^

jakdacrowe responds:

Maybe one day~
I'm working on learning Flash.